Company Management

Raza ZaidiRaza Zaidi Raza has been building and marketing digital media products for over 25 years. He consults on music video and digital media products. He just came off a 3-year stint at Gigaom as VP of Product & Technology. Prior to that, he spent many years in music tech as Co-founder/CTO/COO of TuneUp Media. TuneUp does various music management tasks, most notably, cleaning up the music metadata in digital files. Raza started his career at Intel where he spent 12 years — including over 3 years in Germany — holding down various marketing and technical positions for 3D graphics, audio and video compression products. While at Intel, he also co-founded Intel’s Developer Relations Group growing it to a worldwide organization of over 500 employees. Raza left Intel to become Vice President of Business Development at Earthnoise, an early video sharing site in the YouTube vein. After raising (and subsequently blowing through) $12M, Earthnoise succumbed to being too early to market. From 2000 to 2007, Raza founded and led Jadugar to help companies with high-tech product strategy and product definition. Raza is equally adept at hardware or software, client or server, consumer or business and has a unique global background which has become the core of Jadugar’s philosophy. He is fluent in Spanish and speaks conversational German, Urdu, French and Italian. Raza has also been active on standards bodies; he worked on MPV for the Optical Storage Technology Association, CEA’s Audiobook standard and early versions of UPnP.

About the word Jadugar Jadugar is the Urdu word for “magician,” an apt name since the work that we do for our customers is magic. Ironically, that isn’t why the company is named Jadugar. Jadugar was Raza’s stage name when he was an amateur magician. The URL was available so he snagged it. When it came time to name the company, we couldn’t find a name whose URL was available, tired of searching and settle for Jadugar.