Gracenote LogoGracenote

Gracenote (now owned by Tribune), the worldwide leader in information services for digital music, often hires Jadugar for many product definition/management and strategy projects including the revamping of their automotive products for use with smartphones, incorporation of cover art into their music database and many others.

Neone, Inc. LogoNeone, Inc.

Neone builds the Neobase hardware and accompanying apps (Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android). Jadugar managed the release and open sourcing of all the client apps.


AllMediaGuide or AMG LogoAllMediaGuide or AMG

AMG (acquired by Macrovision — now Rovi) hired Jadugar to help guide corporate strategy and write a business plan to aid in its round of financing or sale. Material developed by Jadugar eventually led to their sale to Macrovision.

The New York Times LogoThe New York Times

The New York Times used Jadugar to do research on international audience and technical implementation of international sites in Mexico and the wider Latin American market.

RCDb (now Watchwith) LogoRCDb (now Watchwith)

Watchwith, previously known as Related Content Database or RCdB, is a globally accessible merchandising resource for video content. Jadugar helped in the early product definition writing the first PRD for this product/service.

Vanguard Video LogoVanguard Video

Vanguard Video has used Jadugar extensively to aid in product definition and in defining best practices for taking a product from idea to launch. Jadugar established templates for MRDs, PRDs, Engineering specs and created processes for software development for the Vsoft desktop encoder

Gigaom LogoGigaom

Gigaom hired Jadugar to refine their Gigaom Research product — a collection of research and analyst services for large corporations in various high-tech industries. Jadugar

Animal Político LogoAnimal Político

Animal Político is using Jadugar as a VP of Product and Technology as they build out some new properties and revamp their flagship site.

Nearsoft LogoNearsoft

needed to position themselves effectively against outsourcing companies in Asia and Eastern Europe. Their services and processes are top-notch and were not ready to compete purely on price alone. Jadugar helped them create their online presence.

Gruvi utilizes for US business strategy and general business development expertise to break into the US market. Jadugar represents Gruvi at US tradeshows and conferences and reaches out to the film studio community in Hollywood and elsewhere.

and many others…